Which one is better — Glasses VS Contacts?

Which one will suit the face — glasses or contacts? This one is a never-ending quest to find which one is better. But, here are more to the unanswered question. 

The preference for contacts or glasses depends on what you are exactly looking for. You don’t have to pick between glasses and contacts every time. Depending on the occasion or their attitude that day, some people choose both. Many people around the globe take vision plans that include either glasses or a year of contact supplies. Some of you opt to use both of them at one time or try choosing an alternate option. 

Let’s start with the Pros & Cons of Glasses and Contacts: 

Benefits of Glasses 

> Glasses are the most user-friendly alternative; you just put them on or take them off.

> Wearing eyeglasses lowers the need to approach your eyes, which reduces the possibility of irritating or infecting your eyes.

> If you are very sensitive to light, you may select photochromic lenses, which adapt to the presence of UV or other light.

Disadvantages of Glasses

> Some people find that glasses distort their eyesight, especially at the frame’s borders.

> In the rain, glasses tend to steam up or accumulate droplets of water.

> Some people just don’t like the heaviness of glasses on their faces. 

Benefits of Contact Lenses

> Contact lens vision correction seems more natural to many individuals than glasses vision correction.

> Contact lenses do not fog up or become wet in the rain.

Disadvantages of Glasses

> To put and remove contacts, you must become familiar with touching the eye. That becomes a deal breaker for many of us.

> Some people get dry eyes as a result of using contact lenses. Appropriate eye drops are beneficial, but some people find them painful to use.

Your preference will get the last say; either glasses or contact lenses. Viaaneyecentre

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