Ways to keep your eyes healthy during the Winter Season

The pleasant cold nights and the early morning breeze have marked the arrival of winter. As the temperature starts to dip, cold and flu are here too. As we shift towards warmer clothes and food, it is also important to look after our eyes. People tend to believe that the only time you should shield your eyes from the bright sun is during summer, but it’s equally important in winter. Winter brings with it various eye-related problems and issues. Let’s glance down at some of the eye problems during winter and ways to keep the eyes healthy in this season –

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common problem during the winter season. According to the eye specialists in Delhi NCR, dry eyes are caused due to lack of moisture in the air. Also, constant exposure to heat sources at home, work, and other public places makes eyes dry and itchy. Dry Eyes may further lead to pain & swelling in the eyes and blurred vision.

Teary Eyes

The cold breeze during the winter and low temperature also causes teary eyes. The constant production of tears can make your vision blurry. Yes, the dry air and low moisture increase dryness in the skin as well as the eyes, but to protect the eyes from the dry weather our body produces tears to ensure they stay lubricated. Overproducing tears may lead to irritation and itchy eyes.

Strained Eyes

The winter months are low on temperature as well as natural light. The comparatively darker winter days can put a lot of strain on your eyes during specific tasks, such as reading. Eye doctors suggest that it’s best to ensure that you are reading or working in well-lit settings to prevent eye fatigue.

Problems with Contact lenses

Contact lenses and the winter season don’t go well together. Wearing contact lenses during the winter can cause discomfort due to the strong winds, freezing temperatures, and dry air, but there are some things we can do to help, such as utilizing contact lens-friendly eye drops for lubrication.

Red eyes

Red Eyes are another common eye problem in winter, which can be due to many things like fatigue, dryness, blurry vision, tearing, and infection. Sunlight could be another reason for eye redness, whether it’s exposure to direct sunlight or reflecting off of snow. This can lead to inflammation of the cornea causing red eyes. Therefore, the best eye doctors advise wearing sunglasses or snow goggles during winter.

Some of the best eye hospitals in Delhi suggest the following ways to keep your eyes safe in winter –

Drink plenty of water

You might think that drinking plenty of hot drinks is good for winter, but did you know that this may dehydrate you? This is why drinking plenty of fresh water keeps your body, skin and even eyes hydrated. Therefore, staying hydrated helps in keeping our eyes healthy.

Include healthy diet

Do you prefer eating food that looks good to the eyes or food that’s good for the eyes? We suggest you choose the latter. There is plenty you can add to your platter for healthy food for healthy eyes. A good nutritious blend of various vitamins might help with your vision and improve overall eye health. Adding carrots to your diet might be useful in the gloomy winter months.

Keep your hands clean

Winter is the season of cold and flu. When you are already battling a sore throat and blocked nose, it is best to avoid touching or rubbing your eyes. Always wash your hands after coughing or blowing your nose if you’re sick, especially if you wear contact lenses.

Don’t forget your sunglasses are commonly associated with beaches, road trips, and summers. We often discard our glasses during winter as we don’t see much sun during this time of the year. According to eye specialists, it’s important to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays even during the winter season.

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