Lasik Eye Surgery From The Dr. Neeraj Sanduja

A definition by a Retina Eye specialist:

LASIK eye surgery is a well-known refractive surgery for eyesight correction. LASIK eye surgery is an alternative for glasses and lenses. In the front of the eye cornea, a specific type of cutting laser is used to change the shape of the transparent tissue to improve vision.  

Retina Eye Specialist Suggests Why Lasik Eye Surgery Is Done:

Astigmatism – 

When the cornea bends or straightens unevenly, the focus of near and far vision is distorted.

Nearsightedness or myopia- 

Light rays don’t directly fall on the retina. Rather, it falls on the front of it. Hence, the retina is illuminated by the light rays. 

The size of the eyeball is one of the main reasons behind the blurred vision. Either unusually the eyeball is long or the cornea curves too sharply; is when the distant vision hinders. Close or nearby objects may be seen clearly, while the objects at a distance or that are far away are seen blurry.   

Farsightedness or hyperopia – 

When an individual has a shorter than the average eyeball or an extremely flat cornea. It is then light focuses behind the retina than on it. This causes blurry vision at objects far away. 

People who already use glasses or contact lenses may pursue LASIK surgery. The best eye specialist doctor only advises this surgery when finds the patient suitable for it. 

The possible risk factors linked with LASIK surgery according to the best retina specialist are as follows:

> Dry Eyes

> Glare, halos, and double vision

> Under corrections 

> Overcorrections 

> Vision loss or changes
The above-written symptoms may be there in other conditions as well. Therefore, to have proper knowledge of this subject, we highly suggest you meet the best cataract surgeon in Gurgaon.

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