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Identifying the Signs of Undiagnosed Vision Problems in Kids! 

Studying, reading, and reasoning are part of the first phase of learning for most kids. More than 80% of all learning takes place through the eyes till age 12. Yet, it shouldn’t be a surprise that data suggests 1 in 4 kids have a vision disorder. 

Rampant shifts in educational mediums and patterns are the primary reasons behind today’s escalating number of diagnosed & undiagnosed vision problems in kids.

Why Undiagnosed Vision Problems are Rampant in Kids?

A report named Enhancing the Effectiveness and Impact of Schools: Insights from School Health Screening Program suggested that around 25.5% of children of all students screened have the abnormal vision. 

The main reason behind this sad reality is that not many kids are very self-aware of their eyes related issues. They cannot self-report it to their parents or guardians. 

Over the past 2 years, the medium of learning has been transitioning to digital. Kids are now taking their lessons from tabs and digital screens which puts tremendous pressure on their eyes. 

To flatten the upscaling data, parents need to observe and identify the signs themselves. 

3 Undiagnosed Vision Issues in Kids 

  • Alignment Disorder: A binocular vision condition in which the eyes tend to move forth while looking at items up close, making tasks such as reading difficult.
  • Astigmatism: A refractive problem that produces hazy vision but might be modest enough that a vision screening may miss it.
  • Amblyopia: A condition in which one eye has impaired vision due to astigmatism, a variation in the refractive error of each eye, or crossed eyes.

Observe the Signs Before it’s Too Late!

There are a considerable number of signs that a parent can look in their child before it’s too late –

  • regularly touching their eyes or squinting
  • have a limited attention span
  • reading and other close-up tasks are difficult 
  • regular headaches
  • frequently pressing one eye
  • lopsided heads to one side
  • keeps reading from a close distance 

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Being parents, you all want to offer the best to your kids. So, here’s an opportunity to get a diagnosis from an eye specialist for kids. Viaan eye and retina centre is a great place to bring your kids for a thorough eye checkup. 

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