Astigmatism – According to a Retina Specialist

Astigmatism, like myopia and hypermetropia, is a well-known refractive error, according to any retina specialist. It is a common condition where crystalline lens creates distorted and blurred vision. 

A definition by a Retina Eye specialist:

The eyes have spherical or round shapes. When light enters inside the eyes, it should refract evenly. When light refracts evenly, it focuses on the retina to allow a person to see the objects. 

But, when light doesn’t refract evenly, a retina eye specialist calls it a refractive error, and astigmatism is one of the consequences.

In this refractive error, the cornea forms an irregular or steep curve. The cornea helps in focusing light for viewing. Every person has some degree of astigmatism. 

Condition of Eyes in Astigmatism- Observation of Retina Specialist: 

When the light comes inside the eyes, it refracts in more than one direction. The result is- the light doesn’t focus properly on the retina. 

Patients with astigmatism condition see things blurry, distorted, and wavy. They experience strain in their eyes too. 

The changes in curvature affect the growth of astigmatism. 

Symptoms of Astigmatism according to Retina specialist:

> Headaches 

> Impaired vision 

> Blur, wavy, and distort image formation 

> Eye Strain

> Impaired night vision 

> Squinting 

However, these symptoms are similar to other conditions. A retina specialist can help in identifying the symptoms of astigmatism. 

Treatment of Astigmatism:

> Corrective Glasses 

Corrective glasses are the first preference for treating astigmatism. Corrective glass or lenses prescribed by a retina specialist can control all degrees of astigmatism. 

> LASIK Surgery 

Laser surgery can opt for treating astigmatism by retina specialists after diagnosis. An eye surgeon performs LASIK surgery to correct corneal curvature by removing a small amount of eye tissue.

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